Alibaba Cloud Opens Third Data Centre In Germany

Alibaba Cloud Opens Third Data Centre In Germany

The data centre is located in Frankfurt. There, Alibaba Cloud offers among other things storage, networking, AI and ML.

Alibaba Cloud has opened another data centre in Germany. In the third location, the Chinese company offers a variety of cloud services, including storage, networking, databases, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Alibaba assures that the services offered in the new data centre meet German security standards and also fulfil the regulations of the Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalog (C5). The data centre has also been successfully tested against the German AI Cloud Services Compliance Criteria Catalogue, a security standard for AI applications.

The new data centre in Frankfurt is designed to support enterprise customers in Europe who want to drive their digital transformation, the company said. Alibaba Cloud’s customers in the region include companies in industries such as automotive, manufacturing, retail and gaming.

To cool the data centre, Alibaba relies among other things on dry coolers. If available, they use the cool ambient air to regulate the temperature in the data centre. This is expected to provide more than 7,000 hours of “free” cooling per year. The goal is also to cover 100 per cent of the electricity demand from renewable energy sources. The daily CO2 balance is also monitored and optimised by an intelligent cloud-based platform.

With the new data centre in Germany, the company increases its global presence to 84 availability zones outside China, spread across 27 regions. These include Singapore, Australia, Japan and Indonesia.