Apple Reports Record Profits Despite Selling Fewer iPhones Than Expected

Apple has shipped almost 10% more iPhones than during the previous quarter, but the figure falls slightly short of analysts’ previous estimates.

Despite lower-than-expected iPhone unit sales, Apple was able to report record results, breaking the $90 billion barrier in the last quarter.

The results came despite a positive year for the sector in general, and indeed iPhone handset sales were slightly below expectations, despite which quarterly profits were 8% higher than in the same period in 2021.

Revenues from iPhone sales totalled 42.6 billion dollars, slightly below the 43 billion dollars predicted by analysts. In any case, the figure represents an increase in sales of 9.7% during the last quarter, a figure that contrasts with reports a month ago that Apple had slowed production of the new iPhone 14 due to increased demand.

In contrast, one segment in which Apple has posted record SALES is its Mac computers, with the figure expected to continue to rise in the next quarter.