Automotive 4.0


Automotive 4.0: Autonomous, Connected, Electric und Shared (ACES)

The automotive industry is almost completely automated. Nevertheless, OEMs and suppliers are under enormous pressure to transform. Autonomous driving, the e-car, connectivity and changing customer behavior are forcing manufacturers to transform themselves into mobility service providers.

For the four ingredients of the digital strategy in the automotive industry, the automotive industry has to manage the increasing product complexity in the vehicle, IT backend, networking and infrastructure, Car2X, 5G, the shift to e-car and cloud solutions. To make the shift to a software-driven enterprise, with electrified mobility systems in a smart road infrastructure, requires increased software expertise, a new approach to product development (systems engineering), a new manufacturing strategy, a new partner landscape of IT specialists and tier-1 suppliers, and a new go-to-market strategy.


We have compiled some articles on these topics:


Making autonomous driving a reality: Zenseact builds a safer future in AI and real-time insights 

The Volvo Cars-owned startup builds a consumption-based platform to deliver thousands of simulations per second and makes cars safer.


Aston Martin Red Bull Racing chases milliseconds to lead Rothe race

A Formula 1 race car is an intelligent data system. An analysis of its race data with HPE platforms can make the difference between winning and losing.


A Formula One Team transforms billions of data points into Grand Prix victories

Data is becoming increasingly important – not just in the world of Formula One, but the world in general,” says Toto Wolff, Team Principal and CEO of Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team.


Accelerating autonomous car development with ready access to global data

Mercedes-Benz AG needed a data platform to collect and manage massive amounts of data from test vehicles and make them available to developers across the world. For this reason the automaker deployed HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric.


Building an AI solution from edge to cloud

HPE DPM and quality control solution addresses the scalability, integration, and interpretation challenges of asset maintenance through AI transformation. A technical white paper about “Digital Prescriptive Maintenance and Quality Control”.


What ist Digital Transformation?

Most would agree that digital transformation (DX) today relates to anything from IT modernization to digital optimization, capability transformation programs, and creation of new digital business model value streams. The truth is there is no consistent and contextualized definition. Hewlett Packard Enterprise, however, does bring a consistent approach to DX in order to have your technology capabilities match to your business goals.


Activate your Digital initiatives – With a strategic blueprint for transformation infographic

Learn how to initiate your digital transformation using HPE’s unique methodology. Rely on our expertise to create a transformation model that drives business value across your entire organization.


HPE leverages elastic data analytics solution to bring advanced service to global users case study

Read how HPE IT leverages elastic data analytics solutions to improve the speed and agility of delivering analytics as a service, enabling global business teams to spin up customized analytics projects and machine learning models in minutes.


HPE’s Business Transformation with SAP HANA

HPE is more than the #1 systems provider for SAP HANA. We are a fellow SAP customer and implementing business transformation with SAP HANA on a global scale.