Cambium Networks Announces the X7-35X, a WiFi 7 Access Point

This tri-radio, tri-band 2+2+2 solution is suitable for scenarios such as education, hospitality, healthcare and public spaces.

Cambium Networks is launching the X7-35X, a WiFi 7 access point that promises high throughput, low latency and improved efficiency and capacity.

With an aggregate data rate of 9.2 Gbps, it facilitates “ultra-fast downloads, seamless streaming and lag-free experiences”.

Features include LMLO 4096-QAM, 320 MHz wide channels and 16 spatial streams. The X7-35X is a three-radio, three-band 2+2+2 solution that adapts to scenarios such as video collaboration and virtual or augmented reality.

It incorporates technologies that optimise power consumption, has controller functionality and is capable of managing a high number of devices at once, making it a viable option for education, hospitality, healthcare or public spaces and internet of things applications.

“Enterprises need to keep pace with the adoption of new WiFi devices and use cases without going broke,” said Morgan Kurk, president and CEO of Cambium Networks.

“The new access point,” he explains, “offers a very attractive WiFi 7 price-to-performance ratio. Businesses now have access to advanced WiFi 7 capabilities at an affordable price, and with backwards compatibility for current devices.”

Other features of the X7-35X include backwards compatibility for integration with existing devices and the cnMaestro management system for network control.