Cisco Launches Hypershield to Secure Data Centres and Clouds in the AI Era

Hypershield is designed to bring the security and connectivity of hyperscalers to enterprises, protecting applications and data in distributed environments.

In response to the growing demands generated by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution, Cisco has launched Hypershield, a solution that redefines protection in data centre and cloud environments. In a highly distributed world, where the complexity and sophistication of threats are constantly growing, Cisco is looking to provide a robust and adaptable defence, and for this reason is launching Hypershield to protect and empower IT infrastructure in the age of AI.

Hypershield is a revolutionary security architecture built on three fundamental pillars: AI-native, Cloud-native and Hyper-distributed. This combination enables autonomous and predictive management, ensuring distributed and near-instant protection against exploits and cyber threats. With this solution, Cisco offers native AI security to segment networks, provide distributed protection and seamless software updates.

In this way, Hypershield addresses distributed exploit protection, autonomous segmentation and auto-qualified updates to combat evolving threats.

Collaboration with NVIDIA

Cisco and NVIDIA are joining forces to drive AI-native security solutions that protect and scale the data centres of the future. This partnership is designed to power Hypershield with advanced AI technologies, such as the Morpheus cybersecurity AI framework and NIM microservices, ensuring a secure and powerful data centre infrastructure. This collaboration aims to deliver AI-native security solutions that benefit businesses across industries.

With this new release, Cisco sets a new standard in security for the digital age, giving organisations the tools they need to protect their assets in an increasingly connected and automated world.