ESA: Using AI and Digital Twins to Combat Global Water Shortages

ESA: Using AI and Digital Twins to Combat Global Water Shortages

Monitoring solution for water availability and quality uses AI and IoT analytics.

An international consortium led by the Scottish scale-up company Krucial is developing a water monitoring system on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA). The aim is to tackle the global water supply crisis and improve availability, quality and access. The solution for monitoring and assessing a stable water supply combines a variety of information, including data from local ground sensors, weather data and space-based data in a cloud computing platform.

Early detection of flood and drought risks

The analysis platform uses AI and IoT analytics from SAS based on data from IoT sensors, weather stations and satellites. It will continuously determine water levels and quality for the 100 most densely populated river basins in the world. This important information will be fully available to politicians, scientists, companies and authorities – as a basis for better decisions on the distribution of valuable water resources.

With drinking water scarcity predicted to worsen in the coming years, this project aims to promote measures that will reduce water consumption, minimize contamination and ensure a reliable water supply worldwide. This applies in particular to agriculture and other sectors of the economy that are heavily dependent on water. The solution not only serves to distribute resources, but also enables the early detection of flood and drought risks and increases sustainability.