Eviden’s Generative AI Acceleration Programme

Eviden has launched the Generative AI Acceleration Programme, designed to help businesses leverage GenAI effectively and reliably.

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) is one of the most impactful technological advances of recent times, set to revolutionise the way businesses operate and delivering a wide range of benefits. However, the adoption of this technology is not without its challenges, and many companies find themselves losing money due to technological issues and legacy systems.

To address this challenge, Eviden has launched the GenAI Acceleration Programme, designed to help businesses leverage GenAI effectively and reliably. This programme builds on GenAI’s extensive research and development experience, and builds on previous projects in a variety of industries and collaborations with leading research consortia around the world.

Eviden’s GenAI Acceleration Programme takes a consultative approach, providing companies with guidance and support at all stages of the GenAI adoption process. This includes strategic planning, building bespoke solutions and effective implementation in production and operations.

Modular Accelerators

The programme is based on a series of modular accelerators that address specific challenges:

  • Industry Accelerators – These accelerators offer a library of proven use cases and pre-packaged templates for rapid time-to-value. Organisations can leverage GenAI support, customer profiling, knowledge management and customer campaign management.
  • Build Accelerators: These accelerators provide advanced Machine Learning Operations (MLOP) solutions to integrate GenAI into an organisation’s specific products and processes. This includes automated code generation, test scripting, accurate model refinement, and ensuring transparency and ethical use of Large Language Models (LLM).
  • Model Accelerators: These accelerators offer low-latency infrastructure, either on-premise or as a service, from AI supercomputers to perimeter inference servers. Enterprises can leverage Eviden’s expertise in AI high-performance computing to improve their performance.
  • Security Accelerators: These accelerators provide end-to-end security consulting, integration and operation, leveraging the Eviden AIsaac Cyber Mesh managed security solution, powered by GenAI.
  • Organisations can benefit from Eviden’s expertise in cyber security and managed security services.

The programme benefits from strong partnerships with hyperscalers, artificial intelligence software vendors and high-performance processor manufacturers such as Nvidia, Intel and Graphcore. This enables companies to quickly leverage third-party solutions and services to boost their adoption of GenAI.

Eviden’s GenAI Acceleration Programme is available to selected customers and will be rolled out progressively worldwide, with new offerings planned for the coming months. This programme is a step towards creating robust and effective GenAI solutions that will enable companies to benefit from the technology revolution without losing money due to technology issues or legacy systems.