Fujitsu, DOCOMO and NTT Collaborate on 6G

They will conduct radio wave tests in the high-frequency range of 100 and 300 GHz.

Although 5G has yet to reach high deployment heights, the technology industry is already working on a new generation of mobile connectivity technology.

Industry representatives Fujitsu, DOCOMO and NTT have agreed on a collaboration to conduct 6G tests. To achieve high-speed communication, they will use radio waves in the 100 and 300 GHz frequency range, aiming for stable propagation that is not affected by obstacles.

These frequency bands allow better speeds than the current generation, but radio waves tend to be more easily affected by obstacles, making communication between distant points difficult.

Fujitsu, DOCOMO and NTT will work with distributed MIMO, a technology in which multiple sub-Hertzian wave antennas are dispersed to broadcast waves from multiple directions to a terminal.

Also planned is the creation of a high-frequency wireless device with compound semiconductors such as gallium nitride and indium phosphide.