Hornetsecurity Aims to Turn Employees into Human Firewalls

Launches Security Awareness Training service to raise corporate cybersecurity awareness.

Hornetsecurity is launching the Security Awareness Training service, which comes with the label of “state-of-the-art cybersecurity awareness training for businesses”, with a dual mission: to better equip employees and to counter potential cyber-attacks.

The ultimate goal is to turn every individual in the organization into a human firewall, covering all aspects of the awareness-prevention-detection cycle.

This launch follows the acquisition of IT-Seal in May, which has enabled Hornetsecurity to expand its educational capabilities.

At the heart of the suite is the Awareness Engine. Hornetsecurity promises simple, tailored training so that every user receives the knowledge they need. A Spear Phishing engine simulates attacks to teach how to react to them, while the Employee Security Index measures the progress made.

The solution is available with subscription licenses, as a standalone tool, or as an add-on to Hornetsecurity’s mail services, such as 365 Total Protection.

“With cyber attacks on the rise, it is increasingly important for organizations to implement a cybersecurity ecosystem that includes education and robust email security functionality for prevention, as well as backup for recovery,” comments Daniel Hofmann, CEO of Hornetsecurity.

“Our new offering specifically supports and protects against very human vulnerabilities to phishing and other cyber risks,” he notes.

“The Security Awareness Training suite,” he continues, “adds great value to our portfolio, bringing us closer to our goal of being a single source provider of next-generation security, backup, and compliance for our partners and customers, with a special focus on Microsoft 365″.