Huawei Cloud Drives Digital Transformation of SMEs in Spain with its ‘Digital Pioneer’ Programme

During Huawei Cloud Summit Spain 2024, the company’s Cloud division presented its programme aligned with the Digital Spain 2026 agenda.

Huawei Cloud has presented its ‘Digital Pioneer’ programme, in line with the Spain Digital 2026 agenda, during the Huawei Cloud Summit Spain 2024 event, held today in Madrid. Huawei Cloud has committed to work over the next five years to support Spain’s goal of helping more than 500,000 small and medium-sized enterprises accelerate their digital transformation.

Huawei Cloud’s Digital Pioneer Programme offers a guide to optimise and coordinate the resources needed to accelerate the digitalisation and growth of startups and SMEs, supporting the activity of their business development, marketing and other areas. With the aim of promoting new experiences, business models and efficiency for customers and local partners, Huawei Cloud will also provide comprehensive training tailored to the needs of startups, including thematic training camps and seminars for entrepreneurs, CEO’s /CTO’s and business developers.

Huawei Cloud Summit Spain 2024

During the Huawei Cloud Summit, which brought together more than 300 people at the Estadio Civitas Metropolitano, including government and business representatives, Huawei presented cutting-edge products designed as valuable productivity tools, including a hybrid cloud services platform, a distributed cloud database, a large-scale language model (LLM), its updated MetaStudio content production platform and its data analytics platform.

In his first speech as CEO of Huawei Iberia, Andrés Yin Hui, said: “I would like to emphasise that Huawei’s strong commitment to the digitisation of Spanish society goes far beyond the business environment. I hope that this edition of the Huawei Cloud Summit will serve to further boost public-private collaboration and that together we will continue to build a better digital future for everyone in Spain”. Yin Hui then highlighted the four key areas in which Huawei wants to make its mark: talent, inclusion, trust and sustainability.

“Everything as a Service” strategy

Huawei Cloud highlighted its “Everything as Service” strategy, jointly offering best-of-breed software capabilities, so that users and subscribers can enjoy up-to-date technology services, without having to bear the high cost of upgrading everything on their own.

Tim Tao, President of Huawei Cloud Europe, said he expects the company to play a major role in redefining the future of European Industries “at the crucial moment of Digital Spain 2026″. He added, “Huawei Cloud’s technological innovation and industry expertise are driving European enterprises on this fast track to digital transformation”.

For his part, Robbie Wang, General Manager of Huawei Cloud Spain, highlighted Huawei Cloud’s commitment to local industry transformation. “We are bringing cutting-edge technological innovation and industry knowledge to Spain, contributing to the development of the country’s digital strategy. Huawei Cloud continues the Spanish pioneering spirit, driving industrial development through technological breakthroughs.”

Featured products and services

Among the Huawei Cloud products and services showcased during the event was Hybrid Cloud HCS8.3, the industry’s most comprehensive hybrid cloud service, which seamlessly integrates private and public cloud capabilities. In addition, the next-generation distributed cloud database offers high security, resiliency and intelligence. It aims to be an optimal choice for global enterprises.

Huawei Cloud also unveiled its Pangu large-scale models, a three-tier decoupled architecture that allows enterprises to train their proprietary large-scale models using their data. Huawei explained that it would like its big data language model to serve the needs of different industries. The updated MetaStudio, with audio and video data pre-trained at the PB level, enables fast modelling, achieving 95% lip-sync accuracy for digital avatars.

Huawei, as a global leader in digital infrastructure, has made an impact in various industry sectors such as media and entertainment, tourism, and healthcare. In media and entertainment, MetaStudio improves the efficiency of content creation, while the OTT solution provides low-latency live streaming and global interactive experiences.

In tourism, for example, Huawei Cloud has helped TravelGate, Spain’s leading travel platform, connect more than 1,000 hotel suppliers, improving performance by 35% and resource utilisation by 40%. In healthcare, QuironSalud, a renowned Spanish hospital, benefited from the Cloud-Native Data Lake solution and achieved rapid case recognition and efficient management.

Huawei Cloud is one of the business units of Huawei, a company that has been operating in Spain since 2001. The company has been a key partner in the country’s digital transformation process, helping operators build telecommunications networks and providing IT solutions and smart devices to consumers. To date, Huawei Cloud has a global footprint of 93 availability zones in 33 regions.