Intelligent Data Infrastructure for Porsche Motorsport

Intelligent data infrastructure for Porsche Motorsport

Holistic data solutions from NetApp to boost performance on the race track.

An intelligent data infrastructure gives the Formula E team real-time access to the data Porsche needs to determine race strategy, make data-based decisions and improve results. For example, data-supported simulations help the team to find the best time to activate Formula E Attack Mode. This releases an additional 50 kilowatts of motor power for a well-timed burst of speed.

Reliable access to data

Gabie Boko from NetApp: “In motorsport, huge amounts of data are generated during and even before a race. It helps to develop a race strategy and react to changing conditions. The Porsche Motorsport teams therefore need reliable and immediate access to their data in order to remain competitive. As a provider of unified data storage, NetApp can help Porsche Motorsport share and analyze data in its complex and high-performance IT environment wherever and whenever needed – from the workshop to the race track.”

Among other things, Porsche Motorsport uses BlueXP to create a unified management layer for managing its data in the hybrid cloud. This allows Porsche Motorsport, for example, to create local copies of data sets to perform low-latency analysis for real-time decisions on the track.