Proactive Customer Service To Counter Dwindling Customer Loyalty

Proactive Customer Service To Counter Dwindling Customer Loyalty

Study: meeting customer needs before customers turn to companies.

Executives are increasingly turning to preventative customer service technologies to combat declining customer loyalty and meet the needs of digitally savvy customers, according to a new study from Pegasystems. Nearly two-thirds of respondents said their main goal for the next five years is to anticipate and meet customer needs before customers even contact the company with them. More than half see the biggest challenge in customer service as moving from reactive to proactive, preventive customer service

The biggest incentive to move to preventive, customer-centric technologies is the behavior of customers today. Companies can rely less and less on their loyalty. In fact, more than half of respondents believe that companies will lose customers completely in the future if they provide a poor customer experience. As a result, companies are striving to stay ahead of their competitors by investing in customer service software.

AI for faster agent decisions

Sophisticated artificial intelligence software can help companies overcome some of their biggest challenges to significantly improve customer service. For example, 63 percent of respondents said it was very difficult to prioritize customer-centric experiences. Companies specializing in customer service are under increasing pressure to cut contact center costs and reduce headcount. However, customer service agents will not disappear completely. For two-thirds of respondents, it is very important to use dynamic, AI-powered technologies that enable agents to make faster decisions and thus work more efficiently.