Protecting the Supply Chain From Cyber Threats

Protecting the Supply Chain From Cyber Threats

Agri-chemical manufacturer Dhanuka uses autonomous security platform from SentinelOne.

India’s leading agritech company is using the cybersecurity platform to defend against cyber threats across its supply chain and support national food security. “With its extensive supply chain, the Agritech industry is increasingly vulnerable. With SentinelOne, we can protect all endpoints and safeguard one of the most important critical infrastructures around the world,” says Kapil Mehrotra, CTO of Dhanuka Agritech.

Securing critical infrastructure

Dhanuka operates three manufacturing plants and 39 warehouses and relies on 6,500 distributors and 75,000 traders to get its products into the hands of farmers who feed the country’s growing population. “Our digital footprint is significant, and threats can come from anywhere – from the network, from the endpoint, from your server, or from any USB access you’ve given someone,” Mehrotra said.

Thanks to the Singularity Platform, the agri-chemical giant’s security team can maximise visibility in every corner of the enterprise. To do this, the team leverages the power of AI to protect the enterprise, including endpoints, identities, data and the cloud. In addition, responses to attacks can be automated across the entire networked security ecosystem.