Pure Storage Adds New Self-Service Features to Pure1

The company announces new features that follow the idea of “storage as a service and automated software delivery”.

Pure Storage updates its Pure1 storage management platform and Evergreen subscription portfolio.

“Starting with high-performance all-flash storage hardware, Pure has evolved into a transformative platform that emphasises storage-as-a-service and automated software delivery,” said Prakash Darji, General Manager of Digital Experience at the company.

“Today’s milestone,” he says, “demonstrates our relentless dedication to meeting the dynamic needs of modern businesses through scalable, self-service storage solutions. We are excited to deliver an enhanced service experience to our customers around the world that eliminates IT bottlenecks with expanded self-service capabilities.

Through autonomic self-service upgrades, Pure Storage customers have the opportunity to take advantage of a Purity operating environment upgrade without having to manage the process themselves. They will save time by leaving that work to Pure Storage with its Pure1 platform.

On the other hand, Pure Storage announces an optimised detection of anomalies linked to ransomware. Pure1 will recommend snapshots to restore affected data.

Another enhancement is automated disaster recovery as a service. DRaaS 1.1 with Pure1 will enable disaster recovery to be deployed in data centres in up to 15 minutes. Companies running virtual machines in a VMware environment will be able to use Pure1 for self-service and disaster recovery on AWS. This is in addition to an automatic enrolment functionality for tagging virtual machines.

Pure Storage partners will receive an extra layer of performance granularity and simplified invoice management, with a unified dashboard that promises transparency for Evergreen subscriptions. This includes the ability to verify what customers are being charged.

Finally, Pure Storage will deliver customisable ESG reporting at the executive level, with fleet summaries and a showcase of areas for improvement.