ServiceNow Adds New Generative AI Capabilities to Its Platform

Introduces case summarisation and text-to-code conversion to prevent workers from performing repetitive tasks.

ServiceNow continues its commitment to artificial intelligence (AI) technology by introducing new generative AI capabilities to the Now Platform. These include case summarisation and text-to-code conversion.

Aimed at eliminating repetitive tasks and boosting productivity, both capabilities are based on the company’s proprietary Large Language Models (LLM).

Case Summary reads and synthesises information from IT, human resources and customer service cases to create summary notes in seconds. This includes details of customers, previous points of contact, actions taken by the parties, incidents, and the final resolution. Text-to-code conversion, meanwhile, creates code from natural language text descriptions that is then shared for review, editing, and deployment.

“The potential for generative AI to radically change the way we work is indisputable,” says CJ Desai, president and COO of ServiceNow, “where the opportunity really lies is in harnessing that potential for significant business impact.”

“We are excited about our new case summarisation and text-to-code capabilities, as well as our new enhanced SKUs coming in September that will integrate generative AI into the fabric of our platform,” he says.

And ServiceNow will be introducing premium licensing offerings for technology and customer service management and HR service delivery (ITSM, CSM, and HRSD) with the launch of the Vancouver version of its platform.

“Our strong traction in generative AI will help unlock productivity across the enterprise by enabling exceptional experiences and better outcomes for our customers,” says Desai.