SynthID: Google Tool Recognizes Images Generated by AI

SynthID: Google Tool Recognizes Images Generated by AI

SynthID is a development of the DeepMind team. The tool provides AI-generated images with an invisible watermark. Google plans to make SynthID available to third-party developers in the future.

Google has unveiled a new tool called SynthID. It is intended to help distinguish images generated with artificial intelligence from images created by humans.

SynthID was developed by Google’s DeepMind team. It adds an imperceptible digital watermark to AI-generated images – comparable to a signature. The same tool can later detect these watermarks. According to Google, the watermark is preserved even if an image has been processed by adding filters or compressing or changing colors.

SynthID also available to third parties in the future

To accomplish these tasks, the developers have combined two deep learning models. One adds the watermark, which is undetectable by the human eye, and the other identifies the watermarked images.

One drawback is that so far SynthID can only recognize images created with Google’s text-to-image tool Imagen. However, Google is offering other companies the opportunity to implement SynthID in their generative AI tools, which would increase its reach.

So far, SynthID is only available for Vertex AI customers using Imagen, though. However, Google DeepMind announced that it will soon make the tool available in other Google products and for third-party developers.