Technological Convergence and other Measures for the Business Revolution in 2024

Mei Dent, CPO and CTO of TeamViewer, shares her predictions for the coming year.

Technological advancement will continue to accompany businesses in the coming year and one of the drivers of innovation will be the convergence of IT and OT. That is, of information and operational technologies.

Companies that do not seek to bring the two areas together will be left behind. TeamViewer predicts a gap in results between those who adopt this strategy and those who don’t, which will impact employee and customer experiences by not being able to enhance operations and customer service.

Solutions that support smart factories and the Industry 4.0 environment, such as the metaverse, should increase their presence in the coming months.

Artificial intelligence will also make its mark on business efficiency. From the popularity of ChatGPT, by 2024 it will move to advanced analytics and “a human-centric future”, according to Mei Dent, CPO and CTO of TeamViewer.

She believes that, “if implemented responsibly, AI will support workforce productivity and efficiency”.

Finally, there will be a significant increase in smart factories, and not just in the form of new construction, but with the transformation of existing factories to move “from traditional to technologically advanced”.

Expect a prominent role for augmented reality tools on the factory floor, including worker training and real-time troubleshooting.