The Future of the Job Market: 8 Technical Profiles on the Rise

Companies are looking for quantum software developers, data analysts and e-commerce specialists, among other professionals.

The digitalisation of the working environment and society in general is forcing companies to increase their recruitment of technical professionals. This is a trend that will continue through 2024.

Companies will be looking for profiles such as artificial intelligence developers. “Although the automation of processes and the application of AI will lead to the destruction of millions of jobs, the need to interact with this new technology will also generate opportunities”, according to the CCC centre, which has drawn up a list of the eight most sought-after technical professions for this year.

Two other booming phenomena, namely quantum computing and immersive 3D environments that offer experiences halfway between the physical and digital worlds, will drive the recruitment of quantum software developers and specialists in augmented and virtual reality.

In a world where information is synonymous with power and Big Data has become a palpable reality, data analysts will continue to gain weight to generate knowledge and inform decision-making.

The CCC notes that “online sales have been growing for some time due to the convenience of making a purchase anywhere and having it delivered to your own home”, which is why “more and more companies are opting for this type of business” and will require specialists in eCommerce.

And to strengthen the business infrastructure and thwart criminals, who are becoming increasingly active, more cybersecurity specialists will also be needed.

Smart home and IoT (internet of things) specialists and biomedical technical specialists are other professionals who are expected to have good job opportunities in 2024.