The startup Fresh People joins services and technology in the field of HR development with Talent Booster

The Talent Booster SaaS by Fresh People has been made possible after a process of years of listening to more than a hundred companies.

Human resources (HR) startup Fresh People has become the first company to unite services and technology in the field of HR development with the launch of Talent Booster.

This will allow companies to promote the development of people talent in organisations, scale the cultural analysis of people, teams and organisations, and, especially, generate contexts in an operational way where companies can boost the growth of their teams digitally.

Talent Booster is configured as a Software as a Service (SaaS) that transfers the alignment of the team with the values of the company, with the objectives, while allowing the development of skills of each person, offering visibility on the evolution of the positions, roles and the talent map of the organisation.

The development of Talent Booster has been possible after years of listening to more than a hundred companies and the implementation of several pilot projects in companies for more than six months, identifying the need to take care of the invisible part of team management.

Cultural alignment and development, career development, career tracking and the role of management are some of the factors that have the greatest impact on talent retention, which is why this software, unlike traditional SaaS, can not only be used as part of daily operations but will help team leaders learn to make the best decisions, making them better leaders who will have an impact on their teams and the business.

Talent Booster is implemented during the service phase and is linked to the different sessions carried out by Fresh People’s specialist team with the aim of generating the necessary impact on the company. After the impact phase, the software takes over the operational phase, allowing companies to scale all these new resources throughout the organisation.