ThinkSystem Servers Paired with WEKA Data Platform

Together, Lenovo hardware and WEKA software will drive artificial intelligence and analytics for high-performance workloads.

Lenovo is partnering with WEKA to drive artificial intelligence and analytics for high-performance workloads, shortening the time to insight.

ThinkSystem servers will be combined with WEKA’s hybrid cloud data platform. The result will be a scalable data management solution that will reach more than 160 markets. SDS-ready ThinkSystem nodes with WEKA Data Platform software will support different configuration options at the processor level, NVMe drives and network selections.

ThinkSystem hardware already certified for WEKA includes the ThinkSystem SR630 V2, SR635 V2, SR650 V2 and SR655 V2 models.

“Lenovo’s industry-leading servers are the perfect complement to WEKA’s high-performance data platform software,” says WEKA president Jonathan Martin. “Together they provide the robust, highly scalable, efficient and secure foundation that high-performance workloads require.”

“For organisations looking to innovate or power research and discovery with artificial intelligence, machine learning and high-performance computing, this solution promises to be transformative,” he says.

Kamran Amini, general manager, Servers and Storage, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group, stresses that “this partnership is an important new step in enabling more customers to seamlessly leverage artificial intelligence, analytics and machine learning to advance their businesses and help solve humanity’s greatest challenges.”