7 out of 10 Companies Fall Victims to Attacks Using Encrypted Traffic

45% of organizations surveyed by Vectra AI have faced this threat multiple times.

Cybersecurity attacks are overwhelming industry professionals. Seventy percent of organizations have already been the victim of an attack that used encrypted traffic to avoid detection.

And almost half, 45%, say they have been a victim of this threat multiple times.

This is revealed in Vectra AI’s Evolving Role of Network Detection and Response (NDR) report, which finds that two-thirds of enterprises still do not have visibility into all their encrypted traffic. This consequently makes them more vulnerable.

“Organisations face a barrage of threats on all fronts – in their network, cloud, and IT environments – while cybercriminals use techniques such as encryption to breach enterprises undetected,” says Mark Wojtasiak, vice president of product strategy at Vectra.

“In addition, many do not have the skills or staff to cope with growing security workloads.

Twenty-three percent of those surveyed by Vectra feel that Security Operations Centre (SOC) analysts do not have the right skills. Eighteen percent add that they do not have all the staff they would need.

Three out of 10 say there are communication problems between the SOC and the rest of the IT team.

45% of cyber security and network professionals believe their threat detection and response burden has increased and 37% also see an increase in the sophistication of attacks.

“To stem the tide against them, security teams need full visibility into their environments, so they can spot the signs of an attack before it becomes a breach,” explains Wojtasiak.

“By equipping analysts with AI-powered Attack Signal Intelligence, organizations can prioritize otherwise unknown and urgent threats that pose the greatest risk to the business,” he says.

“This improves analysts’ performance by reducing the noise of alerts,” the Vectra expert stresses, “and arms them to reduce risk and keep organizations secure.