Accenture Pumps Three Billion Dollars into AI Business

Accenture pumps three billion dollars into AI business

Clients in 19 markets are set to benefit from the three-year investment.

Consulting firm Accenture plans to invest three billion U.S. dollars (around 2.8 billion euros) in its AI business over the next three years. During the same period, the number of employees working in this area is also to be doubled. According to the company’s own statements, it will then be able to help customers in 19 different markets achieve greater growth, more efficiency and greater robustness.

Doubling to 80,000 AI experts

According to Accenture, the three billion will be invested primarily in assets, industry-specific solutions, venture deals, acquisitions and new partnerships. Thus, existing expertise in the field of diagnostic, predictive and generative AI will be deepened and expanded. This also includes a plan to significantly expand its own workforce in the AI sector, doubling it to a targeted 80,000 experts.

Part of the budgeted money will also go toward developing and establishing a new AI navigator for businesses. This is a generative AI-based platform that will help customers navigate the growing AI jungle, define business cases, understand algorithms and make decisions. This platform will include assets to develop AI practices and compliance programs, he said.

“Substantial investment in data and AI division”

“The substantial investment we will be putting into our data and AI division will enable our clients to turn their initial interest in AI into action and ultimately value,” says Accenture CEO Julie Sweet. Companies that get more involved in the AI segment now that the technology is mature and offers clear value, she said, will achieve a better competitive position and new levels of performance. “Our understanding of ecosystem solutions helps our clients make quick and cost-effective decisions,” Sweet added.

Accenture believes AI will be a megatrend within the next decade, transforming entire industries, businesses and the way we live and work. As a result, the development of generative AI could impact up to 40 percent of all work hours.