AI Heats Buildings More Efficiently

AI Heats Buildings More Efficiently

AI-based retrofit solution for intelligent heating control of building systems.

In Germany, the operation of buildings accounts for around 35 per cent of final energy consumption and around 30 per cent of CO2 emissions. Technologies that help to reduce this energy consumption are therefore an effective lever for driving forward the decarbonisation of the building sector.

Savings potential of up to 30 per cent

With Intelligent Heating Control (IHC), E.ON One has now developed an AI-based retrofit solution for the intelligent control of heating systems in buildings. With the help of intelligent data processing, up to 30 per cent of heating energy can be saved annually without compromising the performance of the heating system. Especially for existing buildings whose heating systems will not be replaced in the coming years, IHC offers potential savings, particularly with regard to CO2 emissions.

Tim van Amstel, CEO of E.ON One: “As not all heating systems can be retrofitted or lack the financial means to do so, solutions are needed for existing buildings. That’s exactly the area of application for which we developed IHC.” The IHC box is equipped with an o2 Business IoT SIM card. This ensures wireless communication of the IHC boxes via Narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) or LTE-M. Both mobile technologies ensure reliable communication right down to the boiler room.

Funding from subsidy programme

IHC is aimed specifically at companies in the property and housing industry, in particular housing associations, property management companies and municipal administrations. Interested parties benefit from up to 15 percent funding via the Federal Subsidy Programme for Efficient Buildings (BEG).