Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the Two Most In-Demand Tech Skills

Other areas of knowledge that boost the appeal of job candidates are programming, data analytics and cybersecurity.

Most companies struggle to find the talent they need. In Europe this happens to more than 75% of companies, which cannot find professionals with the right skills, while in Spain this figure rises to 84%.

This is explained by Udemy, which has presented data from its Q1 Workplace Learning Skills Index report and reveals which technological skills are most in demand this year. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are in first place.

“The ability to work with machine learning algorithms and natural language processing – which allows computers to understand, generate and manipulate human language – are highly valued in industries and companies around the world,” confirms NC Kurt, an instructor at Udemy.

Other highlights include programming and software development, with languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, and C++ or web and mobile development skills; data analysis to extract meaningful information, including skills in statistics and data visualisation; and cybersecurity, whether it’s network protection, forensics, or risk management.

To help recent graduates succeed in the job market, NC Kurt advises “acquiring relevant skills” by first researching what trends are hot, “doing internships” in a real-world environment to network and get recommendations, and “developing a portfolio” of relevant achievements.

To this can be added continuous learning. “The labour market is constantly evolving. Therefore,” says Kurt, “it is essential to develop a constant learning mindset, to keep abreast of the latest trends and developments in our field, and to participate in professional development opportunities, such as online courses, conferences, and workshops. This will allow us to adapt to any changes and prolong our employability in the long term.