Artificial Intelligence Enables 6% Energy Savings for Companies

Inetum’s Synergica bases its operation on forecasting, anticipation and efficient management of available resources to optimise energy consumption.

Some of the benefits provided by artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data make it possible to achieve significant energy savings and greater respect for the environment, as demonstrated by Synergica, the web platform of the digital services company Inetum.

Through Synergica, energy consumption is managed in a comprehensive manner, achieving not only a reduction in costs but also an efficient management of available resources, adapting to regulatory changes both in terms of energy and respect for the environment.

Rubén González Antolín, Engineering Director and Vice President of Inetum in Spain, stated that since “the reduction of energy consumption is no longer an advisable measure but has become an urgent and even mandatory action”, it is thanks to platforms such as Synergica that “companies can optimise their consumption and adapt to the speed of regulatory changes, being able to make decisions in an agile manner” thanks to its operation based on “forecasting, anticipation and efficient management of available resources”.

Synergica estimates that a company could reduce its average energy consumption by up to 6 % thanks to the use of artificial intelligence in the analysis of the data provided to the platform, which, among other functions, makes it possible to control the company’s consumption and expenditure, comparing market prices and standardising processes to make it easier to take the best decisions quickly and easily.