Bitcoin Could Still Lose More Than 55% of Its Value

Despite its recent loss in value, the Bitcoin price could still fall by 55% more.

The Bitcoin price has accumulated significant losses that have dragged other cryptocurrencies down, but the trend is not over yet.

Different experts and analysts agree in pointing out that, although there are others who believe that it is an undervalued asset, it still has a very wide margin to continue losing value. So much so that its listing price could fall by a further 55%.

Among the optimists who grant this category of “undervalued” to Bitcoin are none other than the experts at JP Morgan, one of the largest US investment firms, who expressed this in their investment outlook report a few days ago. They put this value at 30% below what they consider to be its fair price, and therefore continue to consider it a recommendable investment.

But, on the other hand, there are many analysts who hold a different opinion, valuing at 55% the downside potential that could still await Bitcoin, so in their recommendation it would not be a good idea to invest in the most popular cryptocurrency.

If this analysis is confirmed, the price of Bitcoin, which is currently at a marking value of 30,600 dollars, could fall below 20,000 dollars, from its high of 65,466 dollars in November last year.