Bonitasoft Introduces Technology Compatible with Standalone Applications

Bonita 2023.1 includes containerised deployment capabilities and the Bonita Central monitoring tool for applications that run autonomously.

Bonitasoft completes its business process automation approach with Standalone Applications technology, based on the term “composable enterprise” or the creation of business applications from interoperable components.

To do so, it combines containerisation technologies for deployment and management with BPM solutions for application development.

“BPM technologies are perfectly compatible with composable architecture,” says Charles Souillard, CEO and co-founder of Bonitasoft.

“Infrastructures are now composable and we no longer buy machines, but hardware components such as CPU, memory, disk space, and bandwidth. Application development already leverages composability: reusable standalone processes, threads, connectors, services, reusable code snippets, business rules, and UI snippets, among others,” he lists.

Thus, “Independent Applications provide a greater ability to compose applications for development,” Souillard notes.

Version 2023.1 of the Bonita automation platform incorporates technologies that are compatible with Standalone Applications, such as containerised deployment capabilities and Bonita Central.

Bonita Central is a tool for monitoring applications that run autonomously from the centralised platform.

Each of the Independent Apps created with Bonita can be deployed in production via Docker and Kubernetes, with its own runtime.