ChatGPT & Co: From Buzz to Business

ChatGPT & Co: From Buzz to Business

Companies form AI Foundation Circle / Circle of experts wants to bring artificial intelligence to European companies


The wave of artificial intelligence, the so-called Foundation Models of generative AI – carried by ChatGPT & Co – is sweeping through Europe and causing much discussion among AI experts and entrepreneurs: How can the technology, which is currently still dominated by American tech giants such as Google, Meta and Microsoft, also be brought to companies in Europe in a targeted manner? How can the current artificial intelligence buzz be used for business and what new business areas can be opened up as a result?

Transforming technology for the European market

The members of the AI Foundation, a newly founded group of experts from major international companies, are dealing with strategic implementation issues, the development of secure end-to-end solutions and business strategies, and the transformation of U.S. technology for the European market: Arvato Bertelsmann, Deutsche Bahn, MieleX, RTL, solute, Pro 7 Sat.1 Media SE, Teltec and grand centrix followed the initiative of AI expert and entrepreneur Professor Peter Gentsch and scientist Professor Christian Au. “The confusing and strongly technical and experimental discussion leaves open crucial questions about the systematic planning and implementation of foundation models in entrepreneurial practice,” says Gentsch, justifying what the AIF wants to achieve together.

Implementing relevant use cases in practice

“We have jointly developed a solution matrix that helps companies identify relevant use cases and business models,” Gentsch says. Now it’s “down to the nitty-gritty”: companies are called upon to successfully implement the relevant use cases in practice. The AIF members want to exchange inspiration in regular meetings, identify German and European providers with solutions tailored specifically to the local market in addition to the language models of the tech giants, and discuss concrete areas of application.

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