Cyber Deception – One of the Most Powerful IT Security Approaches

Cyber Deception - One of the Most Powerful IT Security Approaches

Cyber-Deception is one of the most effective and powerful approaches the computer security industry has perhaps ever seen.

Erich Hinterndorfer, CEO von CyberTrap
Erich Hinterndorfer, CEO of CyberTrap

Erich Hinterndorfer, CEO of CyberTrap
Erich Hinterndorfer of CyberTrap provides insight into the topic and explains why no company should be without it.

Cyber-deception entails a wide range of benefits, which are multiplied especially in interaction with conventional security technologies. This is a major strength of cyber deception, but it requires a closer look.

Many security technologies can be explained very simply. It only takes a sentence or two to describe the benefits of firewalls, EDR, SIEM or DLP solutions. With cyber-deception, you have to look a little deeper: In addition to the pure technology, there is also the deception strategy. For example, are you exposed to certain hacker groups and do you want to align yourself with their tactics and techniques, or are you pursuing a general strategy? If the strategy is clarified, it is implemented with the technology and the user benefits from advantages such as:

  • Quick detection of attacks with no to few false positive results
  • Distracting and/or delaying hackers, significantly reducing the damage that results from compromise
  • Deterring attackers before an attack can occur or significant damage can be done
  • Collecting environment-specific threat data
  • Deploying threat traps with minimal labor (as opposed to hunting)
  • Active manipulation and engagement of hackers that enable a human defender* to counter a human attacker* in real time

If the strategy is still unclear, Deception can still be used and initially benefit from improved attack detection. When the strategy is fleshed out, it can be implemented technologically and then gain the upper hand by observing the attacker* and gathering threat intelligence.

Cyber deception is not new. The technology, beginning with the work of the Honeynet Project in 1999 and the advent of virtualization around the same time, has been around for decades. The use of cyber-deception is not an experiment, but a deliberate implementation of decades-old technology. It has a proven track record and should at least be on the radar of any organization that takes the effectiveness of its security program seriously.

With CyberTrap‘s Deception technology, an attempted intrusion is immediately detected and – most importantly – the unwelcome intruder is diverted to an authentic case system. There, he can no longer cause any damage.
In this way, we help companies to immediately detect hidden cyber attacks and protect them from damages in the millions.

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CyberTrap Software Ltd.
Founded in May 2015 as a spin-off of SEC Consult Unternehmensberatung GmbH, CyberTrap makes the fight against hackers and external threats easier and more efficient. Sophisticated deception technology and the corresponding know-how are available for the first time as a subscription-based managed service.