Digital Realty Receives the Data Centre Climate Neutrality Pact Certificate of Conformity

Digital Realty obtains the Certificate of Conformity of the Covenant for the Climate Neutrality of Data Centres and expands its network of data centres in the Mediterranean

Digital Realty has received the Certificate of Conformity of the Data Centre Climate Neutrality Pact (CNDCP), demonstrating its continuous commitment with the reduction of the environmental impact and expands its Data Centre network in the Mediterranean.

Climate Neutral Data Centres

The company has worked with independent auditors Bureau Veritas to assess compliance with the Self-Regulatory Initiatives (SRI) included in this European agreement. The CNDCP, supported by the European Commission and the European Data Centre Association, aims to make European data centres climate neutral by 2030.

This achievement highlights Digital Realty’s commitment to sustainability and its contribution to a more sustainable digital environment by supporting the fight against climate change in the data centre industry in Europe.

Data Center Network Expansion

Digital Realty is expanding its presence in Italy with the acquisition and building license in Rome. This expansion reinforces its position as a leading provider of digital infrastructure in the Mediterranean, which has become a major global interconnection zone. Rome, as the third largest city in the EU and Italy’s second largest economy, is strategically positioned as a key connectivity node in the Mediterranean, complementing Milan.

Digital Realty’s vision of Rome as a connectivity hub aligns with that of NAMEX, the Roman Neutral Point, with the aim of making Rome a leading global interconnection node. The first data centre (ROM1) will be built to Uptime Institute Level 4 specifications and will be located 15 kilometres offshore, making it an ideal interconnection point for future submarine cables.