Does ChatGPT Help in the Search for Skilled Personnel?

Does ChatGPT Help in the Search for Skilled Personnel?

Recruiting expert Michael Moskal reveals how care companies benefit from the chatbot’s possibilities.

The supposedly all-purpose tool ChatGPT is not only supposed to pass the German Abitur, but also help in the search for personnel. Companies looking for skilled personnel are currently asking themselves how they can use the services of the US chatbot for themselves. Since the AI is able to generate human-like texts and understand questions, it can help especially in the creation of job advertisements. In doing so, ChatGPT can create an ad much faster and more effectively with the right inputs than a human would be able to.

ChatGPT provides inspiration for interesting job advertisements

Often, nursing homes’ job ads hardly differ from each other, which ChatGPT can work around with its ability to consistently vary content. Thus, the AI can help care organisations to keep providing new ideas and inspirations for interesting job ads in a short period of time to attract the coveted skilled staff.

ChatGPT is therefore very useful if the aim is to arouse interest in one’s own care company among various professional groups in a short time and with constantly new advertisements. However, companies should be aware that a certain basic understanding is required for the efficient use of this tool. Therefore, the decisive factor for the quality of the texts issued is above all the input of the correct instructions and information. After all, a successful job advertisement requires not only appealing wording but also the communication of the company’s culture and values in order to gain the trust and interest of potential applicants.

Chatbot must be fed with the right information

Care institutions can therefore use this valuable tool for their recruitment, but should also improve their ability to feed the chatbot with the right information to get really good job ads. This must and can be learned: through special training, the necessary skills can be quickly acquired in order to write high-quality content with ChatGPT in a fast and efficient manner.

The chatbot from the US developer OpenAI is therefore quite useful when many different job advertisements need to be written quickly. However, this is only one part of the recruiting process: the right placement of job ads and the quality of the application process are just as important in persuading new employees to apply. This is something that artificial intelligence cannot yet achieve. In order for the job advertisements to achieve the necessary visibility, they have to be placed on channels that exactly match the target group, such as job boards or social media, in order to achieve the greatest possible reach.

ChatGPT alone is not enough for the application process

When looking for qualified nursing staff, special attention must also be paid to the application process itself: Once interest has been aroused, the applicant must be guided through a clear and structured application process with just a few clicks in order to be able to use the momentum and quickly establish contact. ChatGPT is therefore a helpful tool for writing job advertisements – but in a competitive market like the care sector, this is not enough. Rather, care institutions should look at all employee search measures as a unit and, in addition to innovative and varied job advertisements, also focus on maximising the visibility of the advertisements and an efficient application process.

Michael Moskal

Michael Moskal

is managing director of the recruiting agency, which specialises in staff recruitment in the care sector.