Dynatrace Creates Solution to Reduce Enterprise Carbon Footprint

Dynatrace Carbon Impact offers recommendations and optimisation options for environmentally friendly IT operations.

The advancement of technology in the world has its advantages and disadvantages. Among the latter is its environmental impact, which many companies are now seeking to reduce by calculating and publishing their carbon footprint.

To assist in this measurement process and also to proactively limit CO2 emissions, Dynatrace is launching its Dynatrace Carbon Impact solution.

Dynatrace Carbon Impact provides recommendations and optimisation options for sustainable IT operations.

In particular, it offers the option of “Idle Optimisation”, which identifies asset hosts that are not really actively used or performing meaningful tasks. It also enables “Size Optimisation”, which detects inactive hosts that use fewer resources than planned in order to adjust their configuration.

The solution is based on the Dynatrace platform, its Smartscape topology and dependency mapping. The calculation of consumption and emissions takes into account the methodology of the Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance (SDIA).