Dynatrace Pushes Towards Intelligent Cloud Automation

Launches AutomationEngine to shape “a world where the cloud works automatically and software works seamlessly”.

Artificial intelligence company Dynatrace announces the AutomationEngine technology platform that offers an intuitive interface and a no-code or low-code toolset to delve into automation.

This automation comes powered by unlimited BizDevSecOps streams and opens the door to new operations such as automated remediation or progressive data delivery to assess software and optimise service level objectives.

The ultimate goal is to operate efficiently in the cloud. AutomationEngine drives the industry, in Dynatrace’s words “towards a world where the cloud runs automatically and the software runs seamlessly”.

“The complexity, scalability, and dynamism of modern clouds, with ever-increasing deployment frequency, requires extensive and intelligent automation to ensure flawless delivery and a great customer experience,” says Bernd Greifeneder, founder and CTO of Dynatrace.

“Combining accurate and causal artificial intelligence responses from observability, safety, and business data from production environments with automation provides a feedback loop,” explains Greifeneder, which “makes automation smarter and more business-value oriented”.