eMobility Expo World Congress to be held in Valencia from March 21 to 23

eMobility Expo World Congress will address the paradigm shift that cities are experiencing with the inclusion of technology.

The eMobility Expo World Congress, the innovation event for the electrified, autonomous, connected, and sustainable mobility industry, will be held in Valencia from March 21 to 23. More than 5,000 top-level executives will gather at this global event to define the transition towards the decarbonization of the mobility world with the help of more than 340 experts from around the world.

This international gathering will reveal the paradigm shift that cities are experiencing with the inclusion of technology. From the promotion of the use of electric bicycles and scooters, mobility as a service, new regulations to reduce CO2 emissions, and the use of drones in the delivery of the last mile to air cabs or the replanning of cities. New alternatives are transforming the way we conceive, live and move in cities.

With a multidisciplinary program, the international meeting will allow experts in the field to discuss the mobility of the future with a session that will reveal the current status and future potential of eVTOL technology (electric vertical take-off and landing vehicle), the electric aircraft that will revolutionize the transport of goods. Leaders in this technology will delve into the technical aspects, challenges in electric propulsion, regulatory challenges, and benefits of autonomous eVTOLs in safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Impact of technology and digitalization

The impact of technology has also reached logistics with the use of drones in last-mile delivery, delivery robots, and the use of electric vans. Experts in the field will explore current trends in the sector with examples of companies and cities that are modernizing logistics safety and efficiency.

Digital solutions are also changing micromobility. Electric scooters, bicycles, and microcars are becoming increasingly popular in cities, enabling more sustainable mobility alternatives. With the use of these means of transportation, cities are facing new challenges that will also be addressed during the event, such as the adaptation of the regulations that are being implemented in cities to ensure traffic safety, whether from speed limits or the use of technological tools.

Large logistics companies, such as Amazon Web Services, will present how on-demand transportation and mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) solutions are reinventing cities, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in the use of public space. They will show how they have addressed the challenges and opportunities in implementing MaaS solutions with real-world examples, analyzing how it impacts regulation and data privacy and how it improves traffic congestion, accessibility, and greenhouse gas emissions reduction.