“Employees Can Be an Organisation’s Weakest Weakest Point or One of its Strongest Defences”

As many as 81% of organisations suffer from ‘malware’ and ‘phishing’ attacks targeting users.

Ensuring security is a top priority for any business, especially now that the digital transformation of society has exploded.

This means not only having the right protection tools in place, but also raising awareness and training employees. In fact, 9 out of 10 employers believe that increased cybersecurity awareness among their employees would help reduce cyberattacks.

This is revealed in Fortinet’s Cybersecurity Awareness and Training Report 2023. Fortinet CMO John Maddison highlights “the critical role employees play in preventing cyberattacks” and “the critical need for organisations to prioritise security awareness and training services in order to make employees the first line of defence”.

Today, employees are being targeted by cybercriminals. Eighty-one percent of organisations faced malware or phishing attacks last year that targeted users.

This leads Fortinet to conclude that “employees can be an organisation’s weakest point or one of its most powerful defences”.

Currently, 85% of companies have deployed a security awareness and training programme, but more than 50% believe that their workforce still lacks security awareness and training. The programmes that are in place are not proving to be as effective as they should be.