Errors Complicate Onboarding of New IT Employees

Errors complicate onboarding of new IT employees

Onboarding processes go hand in hand with missing induction plans, unclear responsibilities and poorly communicated expectations, says Nils Kröger from Workbase

The onboarding plan in many companies is still unstructured. As a result, new IT employees quickly feel overwhelmed. It is therefore important to create clear structures. An orderly onboarding process forms the basis for the efficient induction of new staff.

Unclear communication

A basic problem of a poor onboarding process is the lack of communication. This is why misunderstandings and confusion usually arise in the very first days and weeks. This can be avoided by companies relying on appropriate communication tools that are designed to communicate clearly and accurately.

Information about information

Those who are new to a company are already faced with a lot of information that needs to be learned. This makes it all the more important to bundle the numerous details in one place. Employees can then look it up again and again. This is possible via platforms that provide resources in an orderly fashion. It makes sense to sort the information according to the area of responsibility. This makes it easy for employees to identify their next action, for example, and to carry it out efficiently.

Adaptability is lacking

Onboarding processes are often standardised. However, what may seem efficient brings with it many problems. After all, every employee has unique learning needs and skills. For this reason, companies should customise their onboarding as much as possible. It is important to prioritise the employee and their specific areas of responsibility.

Onboarding process is not monitored

Success in onboarding is not measured in many companies. There is simply a lack of an effective method for this. This is where reliable monitoring of individual learning successes should be established. Companies can do this particularly easily with the help of special programmes for knowledge transfer.

Nils Kröger

Nils Kröger

is Managing Director of Workbase