Huawei is committed to a digital and sustainable future at Connect 2023

Huawei unveils its four strategic pillars to drive Europe’s green and digital transition at Connect 2023.

At the opening keynote of Huawei Connect 2023 in Paris this week, Huawei’s rotating president Ken Hu highlighted Europe’s remarkable progress in digital transformation and its leading role in the transition to a more sustainable future. Hu highlighted Huawei’s more than two decades of collaboration with European customers and partners, focusing on high-speed connectivity, collaboration with local enterprises and boosting digital skills among students and professionals.

Hu’s speech has been shaped by achievements in building robust, secure and sustainable digital infrastructures, including technologies such as 5G, optical networking, cloud and artificial intelligence. Huawei is also stepping up its support for local innovation by setting up joint innovation centres and OpenLabs across Europe, with the aim of developing specific solutions for European industries.

Huawei’s commitment to sustainability

In terms of sustainability, innovation in green technologies was highlighted, such as the implementation of floating solar farms in Spain and the Netherlands. In addition, cybersecurity was emphasised as a priority, with the opening of Cybersecurity and Transparency Centres in various European locations.

For its part, Huawei is committed to strengthening its support for Europe’s digital transformation, local innovation, sustainability and cybersecurity, with the aim of building a greener, more digital and secure future for all, and with the goal of becoming the first carbon neutral continent.

Jim Lu, Senior Vice President and President of the European Region at Huawei, presenting the 4 strategic pillars at Paris 2023.

Strategy to achieve sustainability

Secondly, Jim Lu, Senior Vice President and President of the European Region at Huawei, through his talk “Embracing intelligence, accelerating the green and digital transition together”, shared the company’s strategy to drive the green and digital transition in Europe, and highlighted the importance of technological innovation for social progress. Hu structured his speech in 4 strategic pillars:

4 strategic pillars

On connectivity, Lu highlighted the need to address the digital divide and improve infrastructure, especially in rural areas. He presented examples of 5G applications in Europe, such as the EWG smart terminal in Hungary, which has improved efficiency and security.

Smart Cloud

The second pillar consists of Huawei’s “Intelligent Cloud” strategy, which will focus on providing robust computing power and accessible tools to support industrial digitalisation. The importance of artificial intelligence in developing innovative applications was highlighted, with an emphasis on the Pangu model, which has revolutionised weather forecasting.

Bits manage Watts

This third pillar emphasises Huawei’s commitment to the green transition, working on clean and sustainable energy solutions. Lu underlined the company’s efforts to collaborate with European energy companies and contribute to the European Green Pact.

Open collaboration

Finally, the fourth pillar focused on the idea of “Open Collaboration for Shared Success”, highlighting the importance of cooperation with European partners. Huawei has established open labs and works with more than 100 regional partners to provide tailored solutions for various industries.

In conclusion, Lu reaffirmed Huawei’s commitment to Europe, highlighting continued investment, open collaboration and corporate social responsibility. Huawei’s Senior Vice President also reminded that the support of customers and partners is critical to the success of the green and digital transition in Europe.