IDon Enables e-signing of contracts in Microsoft Teams

IDon makes it possible to electronically sign contracts in Microsoft Teams

Logalty Group, through IDon, has implemented a digital identification technology by video call that ensures legal certainty during the signing of transactions.

According to TransUnion’s fraud report, suspicious transactions in Spain increased by 12% in the second quarter of 2022 compared to the same period last year. In particular, fraud attempts against insurance companies grew by 134% and 159% during the first two quarters of 2022 respectively.

As phishing practices in the online environment become increasingly common, Logalty Group’s IDon aims to offer companies an end-to-end technology that allows them to close sales contracts in real time, without travel and with the security of generating evidence of identity between the participants of video calls made through Microsoft’s Teams suite. This technology involves a single process of digital identification of the buyer, the electronic signature of the contract and the creation of a report with the details of the video call.

IDon: comprehensive service

María Dolores Pescador, CEO of Logalty Group, said: “With IDon, we offer the possibility of optimising and accelerating the sales process, with the immediacy of the video call and the technological and legal security of Logalty. We are delighted to add our innovative digital identification services to one of the most widely used platforms by companies globally, providing companies around the world with a comprehensive service that substantially mitigates fraud in the signing of contracts.

The Logalty Group has a portfolio of digital identification services, including identification technologies for issuing qualified certificates, video identification for digitised customer onboarding and identity document validation, among other authentication solutions.