London uses Digital Solution For Emergency Treatment

London uses digital solution for emergency treatment

Patient records “London Care Record” and “Urgent Care Plan” enable care requests for emergency situations to be shared digitally.

Open data specialist Better has developed a new solution for emergency treatment planning for London’s health and care system. The initiator is the Pan London Strategic Commissioning Group (SCG) with its OneLondon project, which involves 40 organizational units of the NHS, 1,400 general practices and 33 local authorities.

With the introduction of an openEHR data platform across the metropolitan region, medical staff can access real-time information in just one patient record. In addition, the digital tools included in the record simplify the work of health and care providers. Furthermore, the data is used for research. Supported by open health data and low-code tools, the common data foundation reduces the risk of duplication, improves the accessibility of health data, and facilitates the creation of shared care plans for many clinical uses.

Create customised treatment plan

Citizens and medical professionals can also access personal health data through other platforms such as apps. The offering is designed to encourage people to take more responsibility for their own health care. Better technology also makes it possible to optimize various care plans and digital services. These can be designed to support people with different health histories and care needs – for example, people with learning disabilities, mental health issues, asthma or frailty.

Gary McAllister, London Chief Technology Officer, NHS England, says: “Our vision is to deliver joined-up health and care to Londoners through the London Care Record and Urgent Care Plan.” This often involves multiple teams of professionals working together across different organizations and disciplines, such as GP practices, hospitals, care homes and hospices. First and foremost, we were looking for a solution that would enable flexible information sharing.” The openEHR platform meets that need. Clinics across London benefit by having the information they need in the right place at the right time.