Microsoft Azure Active Directory is Now Called Microsoft Entra Identity

Microsoft expands its security products to strengthen identity and multi-cloud access.

Breach of access to online accounts, through identity theft, is one of the security issues facing businesses. And it is a more common problem than is desirable.

According to Microsoft, there are around 4,000 password attacks per second. A year ago the average was 1287 attacks per second.

On this basis, the Redmond-based company is launching new solutions to strengthen identity and multi-cloud access.

Microsoft is expanding its Microsoft Entra security products, starting with the announcement of Microsoft Entra Internet Access and Microsoft Entra Private Access solutions, which promise secure access to any application or resource, whether public or private.

Access will be available from anywhere, with a focus on managing the demands of hybrid work and secure browsing.

Also coming to market is Microsoft Entra External Identities, which combines B2B customer identity and access management capabilities.

Also new is the update of Microsoft Entra Identity Governance with lifecycle workflows and access reviews using artificial intelligence.

Finally, Microsoft is rebranding its Azure Active Directory identity product, which will now be known as Microsoft Entra Identity.