MuleSoft Launches AsyncAPI to Support AI-powered Real-Time Experiences

MuleSoft announces AsyncAPI beta on Anypoint Platform to facilitate event-driven architectures and improve real-time customer interaction.

MuleSoft has announced the availability of open beta support for AsyncAPI on Anypoint Platform, facilitating the adoption of event-driven architectures (EDA). This new functionality enables enterprises to develop end-to-end integrations for event-driven applications, enabling systems to process and respond to real-time events efficiently. With these capabilities, organisations can carry real-time interactions across multiple applications and systems, simplifying complexity.

MuleSoft AsyncAPI

Event-driven architectures can unlock new artificial intelligence (AI) use cases, bringing real-time communication to systems or processes that contain fluctuating data sets, such as predictive maintenance, dynamic pricing or fraud detection. For example, banks can use AI models to analyse transactional data and user behaviour patterns to identify suspicious activity and trigger immediate responses, such as blocking transactions or alerts to mitigate fraud risks.

Unlike other integration platforms with fewer capabilities, MuleSoft offers a diverse set of tools in a single platform, allowing organisations to create APIs for a wide range of use cases, architectural patterns or protocols such as AsyncAPI, REST and GraphQL APIs.

64% of consumers expect businesses to respond and interact with them in real time, underlining the importance of this evolution. Enterprises must create faster communication mechanisms between applications to meet this demand. Building event-aware applications is essential to achieving this goal; however, traditional event-driven integration approaches can be complex and time-consuming. By incorporating end-to-end event-driven integration capabilities into its platform, MuleSoft is helping organisations rapidly adopt event-driven architectures and develop real-time customer experiences.

Key new features

Support for AsyncAPI on the Anypoint platform enables enterprises to leverage event-driven architectures and create end-to-end event-driven integrations. The new capabilities enable organisations to deliver real-time experiences to customers by extending their existing architectures to popular event brokers and message queues, such as Kafka and Anypoint MQ. Some of the activities that developers and API architects will be able to perform include:

  • Design and control AsyncAPI specifications using MuleSoft API design tools (Anypoint Design Center) or integrated development environments, IDEs (Anypoint Code Builder and Anypoint Studio), which simplify compliance with the AsyncAPI standard and pre-defined best practices.
  • Discover and reuse events across the organisation by publishing AsyncAPI specifications on MuleSoft’s public marketplace (Anypoint Exchange) to facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration.
  • Deploy event-driven applications through a new configuration-based experience that simplifies the complexity of interacting with event agents and message queues, such as Kafka and Anypoint MQ.


The design, governance and cataloguing specifications for AsyncAPI 2.6 are now available. AsyncAPI implementation in Anypoint Code Builder and Anypoint Studio is in open beta. Anypoint MQ is available.