Natunix Launches NC2 On Microsoft Azure

With NC2 on Azure, both companies will facilitate hybrid cloud workloads for all their customers.

Nutanix, a company focused on cloud computing for private, hybrid and multi-cloud, has announced the launch of Natunix Cloud Clusters (NC2) in Microsoft Azure. This way, the hybrid cloud environment is extended to bare metal nodes of Microsoft’s Cloud service.

NC2 on Azure enables customers to protect their investments and run workloads in the hybrid cloud. The solution is currently only available in North America, but will soon be available in more regions.

Rajiv Ramaswami, president and CEO of Nutanix, said: “NC2 on Azure offers our customers a simple gateway to Azure, with consistent management of applications and data in their hybrid multi-cloud environment. With this statement, he refers to the trend of enterprises adopting a hybrid multi-cloud model that allows them to easily move from on-premises to the public cloud and how Microsoft intends to meet that customer need.

Public cloud analysis

The presentation also included a brief discussion of how the public cloud has established itself as a preferred investment for enterprises, as many of them need to run and manage workloads through either public or private cloud environments. According to Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President Cloud + AI Group at Microsoft, “NC2 on Azure delivers consistent management of enterprise infrastructures in on-premises or cloud environments, reduces network wait times and increases cost efficiencies.

This convergence aims to simplify IT operations across the various clouds involved by adopting a hybrid cloud model. As a result, companies will now be able to run workloads on NC2 Azure, managing Azure instances from within the Nutanix management interface and without the need to re-architect their applications.