Nearly Half of Developers Believe AI Could Never Replace Them

AI can help with specific tasks, such as detecting bugs and optimising code performance

A recent survey of members of the Codemotion developer community revealed that 46% of developers believe that artificial intelligence will never fully replace their tasks. This perception reflects the confidence and importance programming professionals place on their own skills and knowledge in the software development process.

The survey, conducted among a diverse group of developers, reveals an interesting perspective on the relationship between programming professionals and artificial intelligence. Although AI has become increasingly prominent in the technology field, many developers still see their role as essential and consider their experience and expertise irreplaceable.

Factors for irreplaceability

This attitude is based on several factors. Firstly, developers understand the complexities of the software development process and the need to make decisions that are beyond the capability of artificial intelligence. Application and system development is not just about generating code, but also about understanding user needs, solving problems, and designing efficient and effective solutions.

In addition, creative skills and critical thinking are fundamental aspects of developers’ work. Artificial intelligence can be useful for automating repetitive tasks and improving efficiency, but it lacks intuition and the ability to make decisions based on experience and contextual knowledge. Developers understand the importance of creativity in their work and see this as a key factor that AI cannot fully replicate.

There is also concern that over-reliance on artificial intelligence could lead to a loss of control and autonomy in the software development process. Developers value their ability to understand and solve complex problems, adapt to new technologies, and keep up to date in a constantly evolving environment. They see AI as a complementary tool rather than a total replacement, and consider their experience and skills crucial to ensure the success of development projects.

Despite this widespread view among developers, there are also those who recognise the potential of artificial intelligence to improve certain aspects of software development. Some highlight how AI can help with specific tasks, such as error detection and optimising code performance. In addition, AI can also be used to facilitate the work of developers by providing suggestions and assistance in the programming process.