Netskope Integrates Intelligent SSE with Amazon Security Lake

The resulting solution will help discover security events quickly.

To increase visibility and strengthen the fight against cyber threats, Netskope has decided to integrate its Intelligent SSE solution with the Amazon Security Lake platform from Amazon Web Services (AWS), which automatically centralises security data.

The resulting solution will enable rapid discovery of security events. Netskope customers will be able to export logs from the Intelligent SSE platform to Amazon Security Lake, which manages data with customisable retention settings and converts it to the open OCSF schema for easy combination with third-party sources.

In this way, Netskope promises a robust security posture, using Netskope logs and Amazon Security Lake analytics tools, as well as a holistic view of threats with the export of logs, events, and alerts collected by Netskope Cloud Exchange to Amazon Security Lake and centralised remediation by using Netskope and AWS services to respond to alerts.

“As security threats increase along with the ongoing shift to hybrid working, organisations want to be sure that their data, employees, and resources are safe from potential attacks and other potentially nefarious activities,” said Andy Horwitz, vice president of Business Development at Netskope.

“Netskope has helped thousands of customers improve their security posture by using our Netskope Intelligent SSE platform. By meeting Amazon Security Lake’s rigorous support standards, organisations can have greater confidence in Netskope’s deep technical expertise on AWS and our proven track record in securing the most complex cloud environments,” he adds.