New Cognizant Solutions for Healthcare Sector Leverages Google Cloud’s AI Platform

Its proposition addresses marketing operations, patient care, provider management and contracts.

Cognizant and Google Cloud are bringing their partnership in generative artificial intelligence (AI) to healthcare with the launch of large-scale language modeling (LLM) solutions that aim to streamline healthcare administrative processes and optimise patient experience.

The technology used includes the Vertex AI platform and Gemini models. Cognizant’s new solutions address marketing and facility operations, provider management and contracting.

The content wizard enables automated creation of product launches, corporate initiatives, thought leadership and strategic partnerships. Meanwhile, the claims resolution wizard acts on data retrieval, analysis and interpretation, avoiding error-prone manual processes. The health plan shopper helps members make informed decisions. And the contract management solution improves review, generation and configuration processes.

“As we continue to build our partnership with Google Cloud, we are working to keep healthcare customers at the forefront of AI-driven transformation,” says Surya Gummadi, president Cognizant Americas.

“By deploying innovative solutions built to address specific industry challenges, our goal is to help healthcare organisations set new standards for care delivery and improve the experiences of those they serve,” he explains.

“The healthcare industry has an opportunity to apply AI to deliver more efficient and effective experiences for all stakeholders,” says Amy Waldron, director of Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry at Google Cloud.

“These new custom solutions from Cognizant, using Google Cloud AI Platform and Gemini models, can help reduce administrative burden and streamline manual tasks,” she notes. “Solutions like these not only improve operational efficiency, but can also have a significant impact on satisfaction and access to care.”