Order E-Prescription Online

Order e-prescription online

Rhön-Klinikum launches new service that embeds e-prescription in online appointment booking.

Rhön-Klinikum AG is launching a new service designed to give patients easier access to e-prescriptions. They can now select special appointment slots for prescription pick-ups when booking appointments online. When doing so, they specify which medications they need and then select whether they want to pick up their new prescription on-site at the hospital or receive it directly in their e-prescription app. In this way, the ordering of e-prescriptions takes place entirely online.

Chronically ill patients benefit in particular

“If the e-prescription is to be used, healthcare facilities must integrate the application into their offerings,” says Julian Schäfer of Rhön-Klinikum IT-Service GmbH, explaining the new service. Especially during waves of illness, it can sometimes be difficult to get through to the practice by phone. This is why patients find it very convenient to obtain prescriptions via an online appointment booking tool, especially since they also save themselves a trip to the doctor’s office. People who are chronically ill or have limited mobility would benefit from this in particular.

According to Rhön-Klinikum, there are also advantages for medical staff. By receiving prescription orders online, the practice team always has an overview of all requests. Misunderstandings on the phone would be avoided, practice processes would become more efficient, while the volume of patients in the practice would decrease, thus shortening waiting times.

As a next step, Rhön-Klinikum AG plans to introduce e-prescription appointment booking at its site in Frankfurt an der Oder in mid-May.