Platform for Software Development Based on Generative AI

Platform for software development based on generative AI

Cohnizant’s platform offers an integrated way to track and accelerate the software development lifecycle.

Cognizant’s Flowsource platform is designed to simplify, improve and accelerate software development. The result is a reduction in time-to-market for new products and services, as well as greater scalability.

Transparency for the software engineering ecosystem

Flowsource provides a centralised development platform that connects the work of everyone involved in the software delivery process and the developer community. Gen AI-enabled tools and process orchestration are embedded throughout the developer experience. They enable team members to work faster and more focussed in a measurable and quantifiable way. For example, teams can use templates to deploy code and environments themselves and automate testing and documentation. The platform makes it possible to build company-wide knowledge databases to promote the reuse of code and components. In addition, coding processes can be accelerated with trained co-pilots.

The software development platform provides business and technical managers with more transparency about their company’s software engineering ecosystem. Problems can be solved faster, impacts better understood and strategies seamlessly implemented. Flowsource also functions as an extensible platform. As such, it allows third-party plugins to be added.