Safety Solutions For Connected Vehicles

Safety Solutions For Connected Vehicles

Trend Micro founds subsidiary for more cyber security in the automotive sector.

Connected vehicles are tempting targets for threat actors, with more than 400 million of them expected to be on the road worldwide by 2025. They are increasingly exposed to digital threats. To meet the United Nations’ security requirements (UNECE WP.29 / UN-R155), automotive manufacturers and suppliers must integrate comprehensive cybersecurity measures into their ecosystems. To improve their protection, Trend Micro establishes VicOne, a subsidiary that focuses on protecting electric vehicles and connected cars.

In particular, Vehicle Security Operation Centres (Vehicle SOCs) support automotive manufacturers in implementing regulatory measures using advanced detection and response specifically for software-defined vehicles. VicOne’s Security Operations Centre integrates IoT services from Microsoft Azure to collect telemetry data and other critical security information from connected vehicles and use it to analyse security threats and breaches

End-to-end security solution

VicOne provides end-to-end security solutions for the automotive ecosystem, including Security by Design, Risk Management, and Detection and Response. The combined capabilities of Vehicle SOC, Security-Over-the-Air (OTA), In-Vehicle Security, Penetration Testing as-a-Service and In-Vehicle Vulnerability Management allow security analysts to detect and respond to more incidents faster. “VicOne is the answer to OEMs’ urgent need for specialised cybersecurity solutions for the automotive industry,” said Eva Chen, CEO of Trend Micro.

Trend Micro has already entered into a strategic partnership with the MIH Consortium, an open platform led by Foxconn for the development of electric vehicles. The security provider has also joined the SOAFEE initiative (Scalable Open Architecture for Embedded Edge). Its goal is to provide a cloud-native architecture for the development of software-defined vehicles.