Salesforce World Tour Showcases the CRM Revolution

The Salesforce World Tour Madrid, where AI, data, and trust applied to CRM captured the attention of more than 2,500 attendees, was a sell-out.

Salesforce held yesterday the World Tour Madrid conference, its most important annual event to bring together customers, partners, and specialized press. It took place at IFEMA’s Centro de Convenciones Norte.

In total, more than 2,500 professionals were present to learn about all the latest news from the company and partners who are working to provide valuable solutions and integrations around Salesforce technology.

In addition, various success stories were presented by clients Meliá, EVO Banco, and Mahou 0.0, who shared their experiences with Salesforce tools and solutions with the public.

The cloud software company has taken a giant step forward in its technological innovation by applying generative AI and data integration in its platform for customer management.

The recent additions of Einstein 1 and Data Cloud represent a true revolution in user experience and productivity when it comes to managing customer relationships: while Einstein’s artificial intelligence in its various forms facilitates the completion of tasks, the unification and integration of all the data that organisations handle (distributed across multiple sources, formats and locations) allows for a complete and unbiased view, something that greatly facilitates decision-making and enriches that relationship with customers to provide them with better and, just as importantly, more reliable services.

Enrique Polo de Lara, Senior VP and Country Manager of Salesforce Spain, during his intervention at the World Tour Madrid

These issues were the main focus of the various sessions held throughout the day. Enrique Polo de Lara himself, Senior VP and Country Manager of Salesforce Spain, introduced the power of data and generative AI during the opening session. Their correct combination considerably improves workflows, but always in a private environment so that the organisations’ data is not shared with anyone.

He emphasised this against services based on generative AI that do share the information used for queries so that they enter the lifecycle that in turn feeds artificial intelligence to make it more and more powerful.

“Public data needs to be differentiated from enterprise data. The accuracy and reliability that can be gained from AI depend on the quality of the data, and it is imperative that AI deployments are conducted to the highest standards of security and trust. Salesforce’s AI solutions guarantee that the data used is only the company’s data and is not shared with third parties,” said de Lara after emphasising the phrase “our customers’ data is not our product”.

We are at a point in technological history where AI is radically transforming most industries. It is true that “traditional” artificial intelligence was already present in many processes, but it was somewhat hidden and did not get all the attention. “The irruption of generative AI 18 months ago has changed everything,” added the head of Salesforce in Spain, who did not hesitate to point out that the proposal they are offering organisations when it comes to adopting generative AI is fast, effective and innovative.

As part of these technologies based on data and artificial intelligence is Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform, which has a lot to do with this fast and effective proposal. This platform is made up of low-code tools that allow new data management and AI capabilities to be built within Customer 360 without the need for advanced development skills.

We also met Einstein Copilot, another of the protagonists of the day. Together with Einstein Copilot Studio, these cloud services facilitate the adoption of generative AI and its customisation in virtually any Salesforce CRM component.

We spoke with several of the cloud software vendor’s executives about all this and more. They offered interesting conclusions that we will bring to Silicon readers soon.