Security Market for 5G Networks Slowing Down

The market is not showing as much interest in 5G as it did at the time of the 4G rollout.

The rollout of the 5G network is gradually expanding so that an increasing percentage of the population will be able to access it, but on the other hand global economic instability is slowing down these installations and there is the additional circumstance that the cutbacks are affecting an issue as important as 5G network security itself.

While vendor revenues are growing steadily but slowly and the rate of service growth expected in the coming months is much slower, this is combined with greater caution in operators’ plans to continue to expand infrastructure, cooling investment in 5G deployment. On the other hand, the market itself is not showing as much interest as it did, for example, with the roll-out of 4G.

The result is a lower availability of funds which, in addition to the infrastructure work to complete the network, is having an impact on the financing of the security services associated with this new type of connection.

The forecast for 2023 is that mobile operators will continue to face difficulties in obtaining revenue as a result of the economic recession and inflation, with security services becoming a critical area.

In this area, it is expected that there will be strong competition among security providers offering their services on 5G networks, with the trade-off being that a more dynamic ecosystem will be created, allowing access to higher revenues and ultimately enabling optimal development of the 5G market.